1m Intimate Cream Wash is Safe and Hygienic

1m intimate cream wash is a purely herbal intimate wash prepared for the female purpose. It is the first pH balanced cream-based product, which offers feminine intimate hygiene every day. Since the cream has pH balance, you do not have to be concerned about any skin reactions.

The ingredients used in 1m intimate hygiene wash is extremely useful for washing away the dirt, etc. in the intimate area. This intimate cleanser is safe and it comes with strong cleansing action. Unlike other intimate wash available online & at over the counter shelves, the 1m intimate cream wash has no side effects. The refreshing and moisturizing action of intimate wash is soothing. You do not feel itching sensation.

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Why Use 1m Intimate Hygiene?
Why Use 1m Intimate Hygiene?
How To Use 1m?

What Makes 1m Intimate Cream Wash Unique?

Natural Active Ingredients

Provide Balanced

Refresh & Moisturizing Action

Contains Lactic

Anti Bacterial &


Intimate Hygiene in Your Hands

1m intimate hygiene wash is made from natural active ingredients. The cream contains Lactic Acid, which provides a completely anti-bacterial and fungal action. It is water soluble, and therefore rinsing is easier. The intimate hygiene wash is clinically proven; keeps the vagina clean during the menstruation days. If you are feeling intense burning sensation or dryness or there is any white discharge or even unpleasant odour, this intimate cream wash is the right & best product for you. 1m intimate wash is also effective in case of vaginal infections such as Vaginitis.

a must for every girl

For someone who is particular about cleanliness, this was a natural fit into my daily routine. It has been a big part of my travels and helps me stay clean even in the worse situations and changing weathers. With summer around the corner, this will be in my bag so that I don’t ever have to feel uncomfortable during my day.


1m is a wonderful product, it makes one feel comfortable

1m is a wonderful product, it makes one feel comfortable, clean and smelling good especially during those 5 days….I would say True cleansing without compromise….. u got to buy it …use it … feel it….to believe it…..

Alka Gupta

starsTry it. Essential product for daily care.

Used this product in the past and have re-ordered it. I didn’t know till recently that women needed to use a different product for intimate region. I’ve tried all other products, this is the only one that doesn’t feel or smell like a hand sanitizer.


economical, smells pleasant and keeps that portion cleansed & moisturised .

I m using 1m for the 1st time and I found it a good cleanser leaving skin moisturised after wash which makes me feel very comfortable. I have used other products but that made my skin dry and accelerated itchiness. Its also economical and smells very pleasant.

Ayesha Siddique

A big Thumbs Up

Gentle, soothing and non-irritating. Works in keeping the intimates fresh and soothed.
Repurchasing this again.

Isheeta c.