Having a clean vagina is a fundamental factor in women’s hygiene and hence knowing its right care is essential for every lady. It has a major effect on a female’s reproductive health, sexual health and quality of life. Although the intimate part has a natural-cleaning system that ensures some amount of care, but it couldn’t be left alone to do the job. It requires human assistance because when it doesn’t get assistance, it leads to problems like bad vaginal odour, vaginal irritation, vaginal infections, etc.

• Dryness & itching
• Soreness & burning sensation
• White discharge & unpleasant odour
• Feeling unclean during menstruation

1m is an intimate cream wash containing lactic acid, Sea Buckthorn oil and tea tree oil. 1m intimate cream wash is specially formulated to protect women’s intimate area from itching, irritation, burning sensation, dryness and unpleasant odour.

• Prevents & relieves itching, irritation, burning, dryness in the intimate area by restoring & maintaining ideal pH balance.
• Convenient & provides long lasting freshness & hygiene.
• Combats unpleasant ‘odour’ in intimate area with its natural floral fragrance.

Different body parts require different cleansing products like shampoo, hand wash, face wash, soaps etc. Similarly there should be specific product for intimate area too. Unlike soap (pH>8) and water (pH = 7), 1m intimate cream wash helps in maintaining a natural pH of 3.5 in the intimate area and restores healthy intimate flora consists of good bacteria for e.g. lactobacilli, which help to maintain and ideal pH balance of 3.5 to 4.5. When this intimate flora is distributed, it leads to disturbance in natural pH of 3.5 which causes discomfort in intimate area.

The pH of menstrual blood is about 7.4, so it disturbs the vagina’s natural pH. Also, use of scented tampons / pads during menses can change vulvo vaginal area pH, making room for growth of harmful bacteria which can lead to itching, irritation & unpleasant odour. Use of 1m intimate cream was during menses maintains the pH of 3.5 in intimate area, thus leading to long lasting freshness and hygiene.

Apply 1m intimate cream wash on dry or wet skin of your intimate area. Rinse lightly during bathing if needed. As this is a water soluble cream with natural ingredients, you can rinse it off or leave it on the skin. It is safe for everyday use. Use at least twice daily.

Feminine intimate products maintain personal hygiene levels. They are as important as shampoos, face washes, body care preparations, cosmeceuticals and many more personal care products. They not only help to prevent urogenital infections but strongly SUPPORT in control of infection by maintaining essential vaginal hygiene.However, an ideal feminine hygienic product should not disturb micro biome (lactobacilli) and pH of vaginal environment.

The onset of menopause is accompanied by vaginal dryness, itching and pH in 6-7.5 range. As per clinical study reports, these changes are due to decrease in circulating estrogen levels and loss of ovarian follicles in ovary. Estrogen promotes vaginal secretions, epithelial proliferation, vascularization and glycogen deposition in cells. We may even say; vaginal pH (6-7.5) is a functional index of menopause. Keeping in view, normal pH range i.e. 6 – 7.5 of vaginal area in menopausal women, 1 m moisturizing cream wash meant for menopausal women is formulated with pH 6.8.

1m by virtue of its creamy nature and emolliency*, leads to increased bioavailability of medicinal components – tea tree oil, sea buckthorn oil and lactic acid at site of application and protects area of application from dryness. Tea tree oil is LIPOPHILIC, thus ensuring high skin lipid affinity and adherence. Also longer residence (stay period) of 1m on intimate area of application is maintained due to creamy consistency.

Blood has a pH of 7.4, so during the normal periods and increased bleeding, pH of the intimate area is elevated. Menstruation also promotes a distortion of microbial flora around the vulva.Due to increased pH, susceptibility to urogenital infection rises. Hence, to reduce the risk of infection to minimum, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene. 1m acts as a pH balanced gentle cleanser especially for those 5 days.

1m gently cares for those who may be susceptible to urogenital infection in delicate times and conditions such as pregnancy, cesarean cases, menorrhagia and regular menstrual periods (5 days). Those who travel and use public toilets, hygiene standards are disturbed. This may lead to various infections leading to itchiness and discomfort in intimate area. 1m prevents infection and acts as gentle cleanser during all such times.

Intimate Hygiene Faq