Good and safe intimate hygiene is extremely important for a woman. For your intimate area, you need an intimate wash product which is tailored to the needs of sensitive skin of that area. An intimate hygiene wash for daily intimate care should have a pH equivalent to that of the skin, making it especially skin-friendly. In addition, it should regenerate the skin’s natural protective Acid Mantle and also stabilise the skin’s natural microflora.

1m Hygiene Wash is a natural, safe and effective intimate hygiene wash. This intimate wash contains organic herbal active ingredients to provide natural antiseptic and antibacterial benefits. It is scientifically formulated to promote the body’s natural healthy vaginal balance and strengthen the vaginal immunity.

Take a few drops of 1m Hygiene Wash with pH 3.5 on to your palm; apply to the dry skin or wet skin of the intimate area, during bathing. Spread it on the area to be washed, gently massage and then rinse with water. It is safe for daily use.